Specializing in Repairs and Restoration

We know that maintenance and repair extends a Facilities life beyond the industry norm.
  • A proactive approach to Facility Maintenance eliminates surprise expenditures.

  • Emergency leak repair minimizes damage to the roof and building interior.

  • Restoration is far less costly than a new roof and can be a significant upgrade as well.
An existing roof can be turned into an energy efficient LEED certified roof, A “Green Roof” in several different ways.
  • White reflective coating decrease A/C bills and extends roof service.

  • Vegative roofing also increases roof life cycles and has astetic value.

  • Installing Solar Panels have economic and envirmental benefits. 
EJ Maintenance takes a proactive approach to Facility management.

Infra-red analysis is the first step of a cost conscious climate thermography which opens up new options for roof replacement


Finding areas containing wet and or damaged insulation when they are small and removing them can greatly increase the life expectancy of the roof.